Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming Soon: Review Fab-U-Motion...

Hello Everyone!
As I am always inspired to force my Singer Futura Quartet to go the extra mile and build upon Singer's design (with the hopes of more future improvements and accessories)... I've been busy in the process essentially "beta-testing" for myself several non-harmful and non-warranty voiding upgrades to this machine and will begin posting the result and opinions up over the next few weeks...

Of those endeavors, I most recently decided to test the functionality and useability of the "Inspira Fab-U-Motion" for use along with the Singer Futura Quartet. I've got an initial review written and will be posting that up by sometime tommorrow along with some very necessary photographs for those of you who may be wondering or inclined to make such an accessory purchase, but like I - was unsure if it would in fact work. Well, I bought it and now you all can see for yourself if it was worth the cheddar by itself, let alone if it is compatible with this particular Singer Sewing Machine. So faithful readers, please check back in a day for some very interesting updates, I promise it won't dissappoint with lots of useful data! 

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

P.S. - I'd also like to thank all of you for taking the time to write in via e-mail with your questions, concerns and just the plain ole good, bad and the ugly about your machine and such compliments about your happiness with my website as a valuable resource. It really affirms my purpose! You are all the very reason why I created this website and it is my pleasure to continue assisting you as best I can, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much it means to me. I'm really glad to help as many as I possibly can - learn from my experiences and to encourage owners and potential buyers to really give this machine a true and fair chance. So, keep those emails coming!  

Monday, February 28, 2011

MultiHooping Tip Sheet From Singer...

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Hello again everyone, just wanted to drop a quick link to an invaluable resource... 

For those of you interested in a quick tipsheet on how to Multi-Hoop on the Singer Futura Quartet and how to manage the same in the embroidery software, Singer has graciously put out a downloadable PDF file that covers the basics and in some significant detail (with pictures) of how to do so on your machine.

You can download and review this resource at the following link:

Hope this helps some of you out there since I'm not next to you in your home, LOL.

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Downloadable Live Update Singer Futura Quartet...

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Hola everyone!

I'm not exactly sure of the release date (you'll have to forgive me), but I did want to let you all know that my machine did successfully download a software/firmware update when I used the embroidery software (with the machine connected) on 02/27/2011 to version (I believe that's correct this is from memory) - which has been the first upgrade I've had completed since purchase back in October 2010.

While I've yet to determine whether or not this update fixes and resolves a "bug" that many of us have had with the AutoPunch/Hyperfont software icons dissappearing from the embroidery software, (which would be awesome of Singer to finallyt resolve) - I'm secretly hoping this patch will, LOL. It does drive me nuts (and many other owners of the SFQ) that you have to keep re-installing things over and over again everytime you want to use it. ARGH!!!

In any event, I'll do a little more  digging and let you know once I have the time to re-check my own software's functionality and stability. Until next time, keep on creating!

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The craziest past weeks and two months!!!

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Hello everyone! I am hoping that your holiday season and the now new year has been treating all of my readers well! On a personal note to you all... I am sooooooooo very sorry I've been away for awhile. As you know life happens - and right now I'm clear in the thick of it which has been ongoing (on and off) since this site was officially launched. As a result, those occurrances haven't left me as much time as I would have hoped to tend to things on here, sadly enough. I finally had my camera all ready to go, and then more negatives started to snowball. But I digress... 

However... good news! That will soon change! At least for these last two weeks of January. Feburary will have to be entirely devoted to a workplace training and I'll be away from my sewing room, which makes me terribly sad.  But come March, things will be able to be back in full swing on here and I'm excited about all the projects etc that i'll have to share by then!

In the meantime, please know I haven't forgotten about any one of you or this website, and I promise only good things are to come!

Scout's honor ;)

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keeping the "Heart" in X-Mas...

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What in the hell ever happenned to the holidays?!?

Why have people forgotten what it was like in the old days, when men, women and children had to and could do for themselves? Whatever became wrong with that? I'm not unreasonable or not living in modern times. I just don't understand why people have completely forgotten that it is the thought that truly counts.

Recently on one of my web forums I belong to, an online member was discussing in a thread about being a "selfish" quilter. Mind you - they weren't actually being selfish... it was simply that no one in their family wanted or could make use of the beautiful things that they could make. Hence - how everything they make is made only for their household. That whole thread really got me thinking, and disgusted. Here's why:

Their story later progressed into statements about family members who are either less than appreciative and/or desirous of partaking in the acceptance of hand/homemade items. But I ask of my blog readers... isn't that how the tradition of Santa/St. Nicholas started? The man dressed in a suit and sporting a beard carved and designed toys for children from and by his own hands out of wood; to bring toys to the needy children who wouldn't have toys. He didn't have a Toys R Us to run to, or a Dolce and Gabbana outlet to pick up a handbag and a Sears to buy clothes at.

What in the hell is going on in our society?

Hasn't everyone learned anything from the world around them and the environment we live in today?!?!

My family always could do for ourselves, not everything had/has to be bought and purchased. I have no problem making what I need. Food, clothes, etc. And I can totally relate to that statments in that thread that were made, which basically alluded to the fact that some people don't like or actively rather than passively tell you they don't appreciate homemade gifts of any kind; rather only cash or gift card accepted.

"Here's why that really grinds my gears": (My Ode to Seth MacFarlane & Family Guy)...

I have spent many, many XMAS's past giving gift cards, cash and something they really really wanted off their wishlist since I got my very first job at 15. That's a lot of "great present" credit, LOL. This year we've had a lot going on and money is very tight. So guess what? I made 90% of what those on my gifting list will be getting - and some pretty nice things at that, which are coming from me and made with much love covering the spectrums of sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting. People are too materialistic nowadays... they may open their handmade presents from someone like me and balk about them today... but if I died tommorrow in a car crash suddenly it would become their most treasured possession. Doesn't anyone else see the bigger picture? Kindness and generosity in whatsoever expression comes from the heart and expresses as love... and I for one - am so tired of seeing everyone else put a f***ing price tag on the holidays.

At the end of the day - it is the thought that counts, and my gifts or any other individuals homemade gifts are both unique and representative of each recipient as an individual. For me personally, my gifts speak to each individual personally so as to say: I value and love each of you so much that I gave of my time, effort and labor to make something for you, that you can both use and cherish.

If they as the recipient can't remain open hearted to that ideal and sentiment and move past the greeting card that didn't contain cash, check or gift card, than that is their problem and I won't apologize... even to the ones that will probably cringe that I either didn't buy it in a store, or that I didn't give them something that can be "returned" and/or come with a gift receipt.

Bottomline is, Christmas is now wayyyyy over-commercialized. Whether an individual walks in in faith or not... (My Husband and I personally do); Christmas at heart used to just be about bringing families together, sharing and making good food and spending quality time together. It was ultimately about the memories that the time spent doing those things - in and of itself brings. And still today, to me, it is what is the most important. People just haven't learned that we aren't promised tommorrow - and the present you get today that you always wanted can't be taken with you. People have forgotten what is WORTH more. What can be taken with you isn't your Wii, the latest and greatest Barbie, a new car or a set of golf clubs - but rather the memories you make at times like these in your life, and it is those solid investments which will truly stand the tests of time and truly last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas everyone, and don't forget this holiday season to share a little love from your heart with needle and thread.

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pictures Finally Coming & A Couple of Things...

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Finally! The husband and I tracked down our Camera's Charger!

It's on its way as of today, so once I get it later this week I'll finally be able to get pictures of a mounting amount of projects etc that I've been trying to get up since I last posted the Unboxing Photos. Since then I've had a digital camera sitting with a dead battery and no way to charge it which has been preventing me from getting things completely going.

I also want to take a quick moment to thank all of you so very much for the positive e-mails and kind thoughts you have been sending me via e-mail. I just want to let you know that I read and respond to each and every one, so if for some reason you didn't get a response from me, please me sure that you double check your spam folder for a response from me containing my address/email and be sure to add me to your safelist/address book. Thank you again for taking the time to let me know how I have already helped you and how I can help fellow owners of the Singer Futura Quartet further. 

Well, that's the quickie update for now. Got to get back on catching up on holiday projects (which is what I've been doing while awaiting our finding out of the camera chargers location and now until it arrives). Have a great night everyone!

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress   

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspiration For a Purpose...

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In today's day and age of both the necessity and trend of "Going Green", becoming more and more popular is the idea and notion of "repurposing" - which I both love and have long subscribed to! I have to admit that I not only buy new fabric from my local craft stores, online boutiques, local craft/art fairs and anywhere else I can possibly purchase fabric wherever I am (commerical prints, hand dyed you name it)... I also am a regular at my local thrift stores. Either way, I believe I am known as what is called a "fabric whore", LOL. I'll take my fix anywhere I can get it, LMAO.

Seriously though, you can locate some of the best fabrics and ideas by repurposing. Whether you source it from the handme downs in your family, or a neighbor gave you an old comforter, it is completely possible to breathe new life into those no longer wanted items with a little bit of spark, creativity and/or embellishment. To highlight this concept and to inspire you to use your new Singer Futura Quartet or any other sewing machine that you own for this purpose, I'd like to share with you an individual who employs this very principle and has done so in a very creative way this year.

Please spend a moment to visit the website/blog below, make sure you read the "About" section so you understand all about her crusade this year, and then proceed with reading her posts and checking out the photos and I think you'll be completely impressed! I sure was!  

Perhaps you also can be motivated to find a little inspiration in your unwanted items or those found in a thrift store and then you can make something special for yourself or someone else. Just like an old faithful teddy bear, any handmade gift can warm the heart, and just because something is old or used doesn't mean its completely lost its purpose or use.

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress 

Stabilizer Deal....

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Greetings everyone!

I've been meaning to post this "tip" up for you guys a couple of weeks back when the site opened but never got around to it, so here it is! As I'm always on the hunt for a good deal, I thought I'd share this with you.

Given the fact that this machine is also capable of embroidery, you will inevitably need to buy stabilizer if you don't already have it from another previous machine or from another project. However, for those of you who are total newbies to embroidery - it is very important to note and remain aware of the fact that different fabrics and different forms of embroidery applications require different types of stabilizers for different purposes. It is a necessity to ALWAYS have a variety, as you honestly never know when you might need it.

If you go to your local craft store to purchase it, it generally will cost significantly more (notwithstanding any sales or coupons you might have to offset it) than if you purchase online. As a result, I personally prefer to purchase variety packs of them online, and supplement my collection by purchasing from the retail stores when they go on sale or I have coupons. 

I'm a big fan of Sulky Brand Stabilizers, and now come to think about it, I've used them rather exclusively along with a few Floriani Stabilizers that I also enjoy equally as much, but I always have in stock my ole reliable Sulky varieties. 

I like to order my "variety packs" believe it or not from and I thought I'd share the link with you of my favorite and what I usually purchase to restock my supplies:

And for those of you interested in the search of the same on Overstock here it is (as Overstock sells several different types of stabilizer packages, roll sizes and strengths): 

Important Note: So that you are not surprised if you order it: ***The one thing I want to point out relative to my favorite stabilizer pack link with particular note to the Singer Futura Quartet Machine, is that the 5 pack I list sizes well  in terms of direct fitting for the small embroidery hoop but is not wide enough for the large hoop.*** However have no fear!  It's a very easy fix, all I do is cut it the opposite way twice to join two sheets of required stabilizer together and it fits the large hoop just fine to make a longer and wider single piece of stabilizer as found on a larger roll and this does not affect your embroidery at all! The only thing that will affect your embroidery is if you did not hoop both the stabilizer and fabric properly in the hoop to begin with, or in the alternative that you are utilizing the wrong stabilizer/(s) on the wrong fabric or application, just remember that.

I personally refuse to pay full price at the local craft store or online for the "bigger" rolls just for the sake of having a single continuous sheet to hoop straight off the roll. Here's my justification, one (1) roll at my local store of the correct size is $25.99 for just one type of stabilizer and the assortment pack I love is only $39.99. So you do the math on the $25.99 x5. I don't mind 5 seconds extra work/effort to accomplish the same end and where it causes absolutely no sacrifice in embroidery quality and perfection it the end.

So anyways, I hope you enjoy this quick tip and deal blurb! Go out there and save yourself some money, so you can spend what you saved on increasing that fabric stash of your or for you serious quilters out there - save up to go get yourself an Accuquilt Go! BTW - I love my Accuquilt Go, and i'll post up about that another day! Happy Sewing/Embroidering!

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's A Total Pro!

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Hello all!

I'm happy to announce, that I just got posted to the blog the Top (5) Pros of the Singer Futura Quartet on the Review section of the blog, so be sure to head on over and check it out! (Don't forget you'll need to click the "Review" tab at the top of the blog page).

I'm very, very pleased overall with this machine and would without hesitation recommend its purchase for both newbie sewers/embroiderers and seasoned seamstresses alike, but ONLY after you've completed a thorough reading of both my lists of Pros and Cons. I don't pull any punches and you'll be sure to find the useful information you need to contemplate your final decision whether the purchase be for you or as a gift for that special someone.

In addition - I'd just like to open my proverbial doors to questions posted up to me via comments after the respective thread and/or if you'd prefer via a more private venue (as you may feel free to contact me via the information found on the "Contact Me" blog page). Thanks once again everyone for following and checking in! Goodnight for now!

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Machine Says: The Bird Is The Word? NOT!

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I have no reason to proverbially present the middle finger to this machine and/or drop it off the roof of my building as I've heard from/seen written from some individuals. It' really is truly amazing, especially given the price point.

I absolutely LOVE this machine. There I said it. Read more about my review in stages by clicking the review tab of my blog! Sorry it's so long, but I have to be thorough and comprehensive in order to tell you the absolute truth of my experiences!

Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
- The Creative Seamstress